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  • Motorization Consultancy

    The electrification of your vehicle range is necessary. How to take the right path?
  • Fleet Consultancy

    The electrification of your company fleet is necessary. How to follow the right course?

Motorization Consultancy




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Your challenges

Do you have to comply with new and costly emissions standards?
Do your customers want you to reduce the TCO of your vehicles, by reducing fuel consumption?
Is the market trend or your customers pushing you towards hybrid or electric?
Do your vehicles no longer have access to Low Emissions Zones (LEZ)?

Our tailor-made solutions

Too often, we have met customers who have failed in the “electrification path” of their vehicle range because of misguided choices, which lead to mixed technical or commercial success.
From rechargeable hybrid to battery-powered electric, with more than 25 years of experience, our motorisation expert Yves Toussaint (Linkedin) will help you take the right path.

Our approach guarantees the future commercial success of your electrified vehicle, through a proven methodological approach.
Depending on your needs, our technical simulation tools cover in particular energy consumption / CO2 emissions, vehicle range, performance or even gradeability.

And, no less important, our economic simulation estimates the real Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for the end user.

Based on the actual use of your vehicles by your customers, our goal is to use these tools to identify the ideal solution that best meets your own challenges:

  • electric or hybrid?
  • series or parallel hybrid?
  • what rate of hybridization?
  • which battery technology?

We also examine the current and future catalogue of your engine and transmission partners, and the market in general. Does your ideal solution, or a close solution, exist or not?

Fleet Consultancy

Your challenges

Does your corporate social responsibility (CSR) drive you to make your fleet green?
Does the Belgian 2026 regulation for company cars oblige you to reconsider your fleet? Do you want to anticipate the transition?
For the well-being of your colleagues, you do not want to impose electric vehicles but the current context pushes you to do so?
Does the present range of electric vehicles meet the needs of your colleagues?
Is fleet management not your main task, and you do not have time to review your Car Policy? You do not have the necessary internal resources to manage it? You do not know where to start?

“Going electric” has become everyday language. In practice, there are several possible paths towards electrification, from hybrid vehicles to full-electric ones.

Our tailor-made solutions

Thanks to our global and detailed approach, we actively support you in the analysis of your fleet, its evolution and its “greening”. We also advise you on the phasing of developments and the long-term adaptation of your car policy.

The TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), integrating indirect costs, gives you a more complete view to better inform your employees’ vehicle choices.
Adapted to your needs, our action covers all points of the electrification process:

  • Fleet diagnosis (mobility survey, use of your fleet and fuel card files): current situation and projection of TCO and CO2 emissions
  • Diagnosis of your electrical installation
  • Support in the implementation of the greening plan (car policy review, charging strategy, …)
  • Implementation follow-up
  • Information and training on the “electrified car”
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